Build your leadership out of material that is strong enough to resist the “huff, puff" of the "Big Bad Wolves" that become offend by accountability. Many leaders are like the first little pig as they build their success out of hay,  Others  out of stick.  But the strength, stability and consistency must be made up of leaders who are like the 3rd pig who built of brick.  

“Who in their right mind would build out of hay? Hay is light, hay is flammable and hay is not strong enough of a material to have any integrity in its fiber.”  

Byron Embry

The Three Little Pig Syndrome

Dominate your industry with a sales team that operates like a pitching staff. Find "Starting pitchers" who specialize in getting and establishing the lead. Relief pitchers who, specializes in following up and sustaining the lead. And the end, a "Closer" who can seal the deal when everything is on the line. 

“Before I buy your product, I must be sold on you. And if you don’t know your value, how can I trust the value of your product?”Byron Embry

Known for his three laws of motion, English physicist Sir Isaac Newton was known for his discovery of the relationship between a body and the forces acting upon it, and its motion in response to those forces. When it comes to the relationship between individuals and the “forces” of responsibility and accountability acting upon them, good leadership should respond accordingly to those “forces.” 

"Those who are content, will always be content, unless an outside force is applied to them." 

Byron Embry

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Newton's Laws of Leadership

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